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Journal of Nanotechnology & Advanced Materials



Effect of Inter-Electrode Distances of Glow Discharge On Structural and Optical Properties of ZnSe

E. R. Shaaban, F. Diab, G. M. El-Kashef, K. M. Ahmed, M. E. Abdel-kader, W. H. Gaber,
Abstract :
A glow discharge device is constructed and operated by using Ar gas. Paschen curve is analyzed at different pressures and inter-electrode distances. The experimental results show that the discharge is optimized at 5cm interelectrode distance. The I-V characteristic of the glow discharge at different pressures is studied. The Zinc selenide (ZnSe) thin film is treated by glow discharge. The effect of exposure to the Ar plasma immersion-ion-implantation at different inter-electrode spacing (5, 8.5, 11.5 and 14.5 cm) on the microstructure parameters and energy gap of ZnSe thin film are investigated. It is observed that, both crystallize size and lattice strains are increased by increasing the inter-electrode distances. The values of absorbance in strong absorption region are reduced with increasing the inter-electrode spacing. In addition, the optical band gap opt gE has been determined in terms of absorbance curves and found to be increased with the Paschens minimum, when inter-electrode spacing increases.

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