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Information Sciences Letters
An International Journal


Volumes > Vol. 1 > No. 2


Secure Hill Cipher Modification Based on Generalized Permutation Matrix SHC-GPM

PP: 91-102
A. Y. Mahmoud, Alexander G. Chefranov,
Secure Hill cipher (SHC) modification based on dynamically changing generalized permutation matrix, SHC-GPM is proposed. It provides better security than that of SHC due to the significantly larger number of non-repeatedly generated keys (2^48 times greater for the parameters used in the conducted experiments). SHC-GPM is shown to be robust against the brute-force, statistical attacks, and is resistant also to known plaintext ciphertext attack (KPCA) due to dynamic encryption key matrix generating. The proposed modification is applied for color images encryption. Experimental results show that the proposed modification is significantly more effective in the encryption quality of bitmap images than SHC in the case of images with large single color areas and slightly more effective otherwise.

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