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Journal of Radiation and Nuclear Applications
An International Journal


Volumes > Vol. 6 > No. 1


222Rn Concentrations in the Lebanese Drinking Water and its Associated Ingestion Committed Effective Dose to the Public

PP: 83-88
Maria Aoun, Hamzeh El Jeaid, Dima Mansour, Omar El Samad,
222Rn activity concentrations of the main drinking water resources in two important Lebanese provinces were measured for the first time, in order to assess the committed effective dose received by the Lebanese public due to the ingestion of 222Rn from drinking water. Measurements were conducted using a professional radon monitor AlphaGUARD PQ 2000PRO. All values were below the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the World Health Organization recommended levels. From the obtained data, the committed effective doses were assessed, values varied from 0.58 to 15.09 ÁSv.y-1, from 0.35 to 9.03 ÁSv.y-1 and from 0.29 to 7.65 ÁSv.y-1 for babies, children and adults respectively.

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