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Journal of Ecology of Health & Environment
An International Journal


Volumes > Vol. 6 > No. 2


Preliminary Survey of Wetland in Ethiopia, Threats, Extent of Degradation, and Future Perspective:-A Review Paper

PP: 93-98
Dagne Tafa,
Wetlands are among the crucial natural resources having various socio-economic and ecological contributions worldwide. Even if concerned studies have been conducted so far globally wetlands loss and status, the actual extent of degradation in African countries including Ethiopia caused directly by human activities are still remain active as a basic factor for the degradation of wetland. The actual extent of currently surviving wetlands remains uncertain till now specifically in Ethiopia. The main aim of this review paper focused on wetland loss, causative agents, extent of degradation and future perspective from various directions. Among those deriving pressures responsible for wetland degradation for wetland in Ethiopia, shifting of wetlands for agricultural land, resettlement of people without farm land especially youth group in rural areas are found the main reasons behind wetland degradation. Besides, to these urbanization and industrialization, lack of wetland policy specifically at national level is also some major causes for the degradation of wetland in Ethiopia. Hence, most recently published studies and the reviewed outcomes of this paper indicate, wetlands ecology and management documents that the trends of highly diminishing wetland in Ethiopia need multidisciplinary approach to support wetland governances and wise use from now onwards.

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