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Information Sciences Letters
An International Journal


Volumes > Vol. 7 > No. 1


Hiding Information using Secret Sharing Scheme Based on Gene Expression Programming

PP: 19-28
Marghny H. Mohamed, Mahmoud A. Mofaddel, Tarek Y. Abd El-Naser,
Undoubtedly, communication process is considered as one of the most important means which contributed in the technological development. Transfer the data between people rapidly and accurately has been appeared due to the development of the internet. However, these data may be very confidential and important and may be also found by the hackers who can steal, modify and misuse it. Therefore, it is important to transfer the data with ultimate security. Steganography is one of the techniques, which is designed to deal with such type of problems. In this paper, images have been used as a cover file, because of the difficulty of doubt of presence of any hidden data. Gene expression programming (GEP) algorithm has been used with LSB technique (it is based on replacing the LSBs of cover-image with secret-image bits giving a stego-image) for hiding data and secret-sharing scheme for protect it. We have been presented a secretsharing scheme based on which a user divides the secret-image vertically into parts such that each part is embedded randomly in one cover.Only authorized of parties can reconstruct the secret-image by comparing the variance between the left edges of the selected part of secret-image with the right edges of the other parts of secret-image and vice versa. The results of the comparison guide us to obtain the parts again of the secret image. The hiding of data needs a powerful and sophisticated method such as GEP where it chooses the best places to hide the secret-image in the cover-image through a set of processes to reduce attention of presence of confidential data by reducing the distortion and also besides hiding data we need strong protection method such as the SSC method where preventing hackers From easy access to the complete secret-image.

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