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Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences Letters
An International Journal


Volumes > Vol. 6 > No. 1


Clustering Olive Oil Aspect of Similarity in the Compositions of Fatty Acid

PP: 5-11
Mohammad Ali Afshar Kazemi, Neda Kiani, Sima Hajian,
In the international trades, the composition of fatty acid is the factor determining the olive oil price. Using the composition of fatty acid, one can investigate the quality of olive oil and also the probability of its impurity through determining the percentage of the fatty acid. As Italian olive oil is of high quality, this study tens to cluster the nine districts producing olive oil in Italy based on the similarities of the composition of fatty acid and study the level of fatty acid in every district. This paper tends to first identify and recognize the data based on the CRISP-DM cycle in data mining and cluster the nine districts based on the similarities of the composition of fatty acid through removing the unnecessary records in the stage of preparing a model based on the K-means method. Also, it is intended to determine the level of influence of the fatty acid in every cluster on the quality of olive oil in the district. According to the results obtained, the olive oil produced in the eastern districts of Liguria and Umbria is of higher quality.

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