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Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences Letters
An International Journal


Volumes > Vol. 5 > No. 1


Mathematical Analysis of Bioheat Equation for the Study of Thermal Stress on Human Brain

PP: 33-39
Mir Aijaz, Javid Gani Dar,
This paper studies the analysis of temperature profiles in human brain and its overlying layers at various hypothermic and hyperthermic conditions. The head is modelled as hemisphere consisting of four layers viz. brain tissue, CSF (cerebrospinal fluid), skull and scalp. The variational finite element method is employed on bioheat equation with appropriate boundary conditions. To obtain the values of temperature profiles at different nodal points, the role of various parameters like density, thermal conductivity, metabolic heat generation, arterial blood flow and optical properties like absorption and scattering are taken into consideration. The temperature distribution to the brain tissue with respect to the change in the ambient temperature are calculated and interpreted graphically.

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