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Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences Letters
An International Journal


Volumes > Vol. 4 > No. 3


Application of Sumudu Transform in Two-Parameter Fractional Telegraph Equation

PP: 137-140
Altaf Ahmad, Farooq Ahmad, S. K. Tripathi,
In this paper we investigate the solution of two-parameter fractional telegraph equation 𝑎(𝐷𝑡𝛼+1𝑁)(𝑡,𝑥)+ 𝑏(𝐷𝑡𝛽𝑁)(𝑡,𝑥)=(𝐷𝑥𝛾+1𝑁)(𝑡,𝑥)+𝜉𝑁(𝑡,𝑥)+𝜓(𝑡,𝑥)(1) with positive real parameter a,b and c Here 𝐷𝑡𝛼+1,𝐷𝑡𝛽 and 𝐷𝑥𝛾+1 are operator of the Riemann-Liouville fractional derivative, where 0≤𝛼≤1,0≤𝛽≤1 and 0≤𝛾≤1 by the Sumudu and Fourier integral transform. The result presented are in compact and elegant form expressed in terms of Mittag-Leffler function and generalized Mittag-Leffler function.

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