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Journal of Wildlife
An International Journal
For Authors

Author Responsibilities

·   Respond quickly to any inquiries during the posting process.

·  The author is responsible for all aspects of the work. This includes investigating and resolving any questions about the accuracy or integrity of the research

·  To treat communications between the author and the journal editor as confidential until an editorial decision is made. 

Research ethics.

These state that you must:

· Include anyone who has made a significant and meaningful contribution to the submission (any other person involved in the paper must be included in the submission).

·  Exclusion of any person who did not contribute to the research, or chose not to be associated with the research.

·  If your article includes human participants, you should ensure that you have considered whether or not you need ethical approval for your research, and include this information as part of your submission. Find out more about informed consent.

·    Third party copyright permissions

·  Before submitting the article, you need to ensure that you have applied for and obtained written permission to use any material in your manuscript that was created by a third party. Please note that we are unable to publish any article that still has pending permissions. The rights we ask for are:

·    Non-exclusive rights to copy the material in the written chapter or chapter.

·    Rights of publications and electronics.

·    English rights around the world.

·   Use of the substance for working life. This means that there should be no time restrictions on their reuse, eg a one-year license.


 Transparency statement

Copyright: All articles are published in the journal Open Access

·        This allows authors to retain copyright to their work while others can share, use, and build upon that work created as long as appropriate attribution is given.

·        Conflicts of interest: Authors are required to declare any financial or ethical conflict of interest when submitting their work to the journal

·        Direct Marketing: The magazine sometimes uses direct marketing activities (mainly email campaigns) to raise awareness of the magazine and invite authors to submit articles.


Publication Terms.

1-          The journal accepts for publication research that falls in the field of communication and information sciences, as well as skills and experience in them.

2-          When submitting for publication in the journal, the researcher must submit receivables that have not been previously published in another journal.

3-          The origins of traditional research from two images written on the computer

4-          The research origins are sent to the magazine’s editor-in-chief, and the first page is headed by the title of the research, followed by the name of the researcher and then his job in parentheses, provided that he submits a summary within ten lines.

5-          To be in the foreground.

6-          That there is an assumption in researching the features of modernity and adopting the scholastic curriculum.

7-          The opinions you see are interrelationships interrelationships interconnections interrelationships about some visions

8-          If this situation arises, you must provide packets in this regard.

9-          In preparing the list of references, the following should be taken into account:

A.   Book: authors name - date (with an indication of the edition) - book title - place of publication - publishing house.

B.   Articles and periodicals start with the article name - article title - article name - number and date - the pages on which the article is located.

C.   Academic theses begin with the name of the thesis author - thesis title - college and university - date.

D.   The researcher The research to be published in the journal was copied by computer using Microsoft Word, the space between the lines is complete 18 and the space between the paragraphs is 6 points, the research is recorded on an e-mail.

E.    The researcher summarized in English within 200-250 words.

10-     Researches are published in Arabic and English in the areas of specialization that are concerned with the journal. It is preferable for the researcher to send a summary summery attached in Arabic and English for his research according to correct rules and arbitration in the journal.

11-     Taking into account the size of the search for the conditions with emphasis.

12-     The magazines editorial board has the right to reject any news.

13-     Originals of previous offers to the magazine are not returned, whether they are accepted for publication or not

14-     A special edition can be issued for any of the research that the editorial board of the magazine deems to be issued in the event that its pages are more than the pages in force in the publishing rules or demand for it from researchers.

15-     It is published in a magazine according to the precedence of its receipt after that in its final form for publication.



Researchers were exempted from fees for a year, on the occasion of the inauguration of the magazine and the publication of the first issue

350 $ for the MSA Phd Student

600 $ LE for author 

For further information

Dr.. Osama Ibrahim Marzouq

Mobile and Whatsapp: 01223880267

Email: osama.i.marzouk@gmail.com

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