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Journal of Wildlife
An International Journal
Aim and Scope

Wildlife is all forms of life, including plants and animals, without human intervention in their way of life, and the publishing areas of the magazine include the fields of wildlife

1-      Vegetation
2-      Environmental preservation
3-      Climate change.
4-      Preserving fish wealth
5-      Biodiversity and its preservation
6-      Desert environments
7-      Research related to preserving the environment
8-      Climate change and its impact on biodiversity and natural resources.
9-       Biodiversity research,
10-  Linking Climate Action and Biodiversity.
11-   Biodiversity and human health .
12-  Genetic resources
13-  Plant Biotechnology.
14-   Genome engineering.
15-   Environmental Biotechnology.
16-  Science and research diplomacy.
17-   Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering.
18-  Artificial Intelligence for Climate Change Risk
19-  Genetic and Epigenetic researchs  on Environmental Chemicals
20-  Environmental Threat
21-   Exposure to Air Pollutants
22-   Climate Change an Challenge for Human Health”
23-  The state of land degradation and desertification in Egypt
24-  The second axis: technology in neutralizing the desertification of Egyptian lands
25-  Chemistry and its role in adjusting with climate change
26-  Environmental bacteria pesticides
27-  The relationship of pesticides, organisms, and human health.
28-  Biotechnology.
29-  Protecting environments from desertification and Soil
30-  Wild animals, birds, mammals and reptiles,

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