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Journal of Wildlife
An International Journal
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Journal of Wildlife


ISSN Print: 2812-5584
ISSN Online: 2812-5592 

A scientific electronic journal of the Court of Appeal, reserved, for the purpose of publication, interest for publication.

The goal and vision of the magazine

Promote publications and scientific studies that you are looking for in looking for looking for.

Raising the level of published research published by the Scientific Research Arbitration Committee

Issuance of a refereed scientific journal under the name of "Journal of Wildlife". The journal is a quarterly periodical in which research papers submitted by faculty members or researchers are published

The scope of the magazines work

1-  Wildlife is all forms of life, including plants and animals, without human intervention in their way of life, and the publishing areas of the magazine include the fields of wildlife
2-  Wild animals, birds, mammals and reptiles,
3-  Vegetation
4-  Environmental preservation
5-  Climate change.
6-  Preserving fish wealth
7-  Biodiversity and its preservation
8-  Desert environments
9-  Research related to preserving the environment

Editorial team

Dr Osama Marzouk

Chief Editor

Mobile and Whatsapp: 01223880267

Email: osama.i.marzouk@gmail.com

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