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Journal of Pharmaceutical and Applied Chemistry
An International Journal
Editorial Board
 Prof. Ahmed Mel-SaghierEditor-in-Chief
Prof. Ahmed Mel-Saghier, 
Department of Chemistry Faculty  of Science, Sohag University, Egypt 
E-mail: editorjpac@gmail.com 
Phone:  +201067600636
FAX:    +20934601159
Prof. Dr. Ketevan KotetishviliEditorial Board
Prof. Dr. Ketevan Kotetishvili, 
Georgian  Technical  University  (GTU),  Faculty  of  Informatics  and Control  Systems,  Department  of  Physics,  Head  of  education programs   “Engineering  Physics”  and    “Medical Physics”.
0177,  20, V. Chikovani str., Tbilisi, Georgia
E-mail: k.kotetishvili @gtu.ge ,  ketinooo@hotmail.com   
Phone:  +995 322 39-04-39
FAX:    +995 599 50-48-21
Website: http://www.rustaveli.org.ge/index.php
Prof. Dr. Susan Shwu-Chen TsayProf. Dr. Susan Shwu-Chen Tsay, 
Ph.D. National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan, No. 101, Section 2, Kuang-Fu Road, Hsinchu 30013, Taiwan
E-mail:,  tsay.susan@gmail.com      
Phone:  +886-958-588-516
FAX:    +886-958-588-516
Website: Susan Shwu-Chen
 Prof. Dr. M.A.ZAYEDProf. Dr. M.A.ZAYED 
Professor of Analytical and Inorganic Chemistry
Faculty of Science, Cairo University. Egypt
E-mail:  mazayed429@yahoo.com      
Phone:  +201005776675
 Prof. Dr. Rudolf HolzeProf. Dr. Rudolf Holze, 
Institutfür Chemie, Germany, Head echnische Universität Chemnitz. Institut für Chemie. Straße der Nationen 62 D-09111 Chemnitz
E-Mail : rudolf.holze@chemie.tu-chemnitz.de 
Phone: +49 (0371) 531 21260 / 31509
FAX : +49 (0371) 531 21269
Prof. Dr. Anna ChrostowskaProf. Dr. Anna Chrostowska, 
Université de Pau et des Pays de lAdour, UMR5254 – IPREM, Equipe Chimie-Physique, Hélioparc - 2 av. Président Angot, 64053 Pau Cedex 09 France
E-Mail : anna.chrostowska @univ-pau.fr 
Phone: +33-(0)5 59 40 75 80 
Fax : +33-(0)5 59 40 75 88
Website: http://iprem-ecp.univ-pau.fr/live/personnel/anna_chrostowska 
 Prof. Dr. Shuichi Kanno, 
Department of Living and Culture, 
Tohoku Seikatsu Bunka Junior College,18-2, Nijinooka 1-chome, Izumi-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi 981-8585 Japan 
Email: skanno@mishima.ac.jp
 Prof. Dr. George B. Richter-AddoProf. Dr. George B. Richter-Addo,  
University of Oklahoma, USA
Professor, OU Presidential Professor, 101 Stephenson Parkway 
Norman, OK 73019. Editorial Board Member: American Journal of Biomedical Sciences
E-Mail : grichteraddo@ou.edu
Phone: +1-405-325-2378
Website: http://nitroso.ou.edu/george-richter-addo 
 Prof. Dr. Wolfram Baumann,Prof. Dr. Wolfram Baumann, 
Universidad de los Andes, Colombia,
Professor Departamento de Química Universidad de los Andes 
E-Mail : wbaumann@uniandes.edu.co
Website: https://profesores.uniandes.edu.co/wbaumann/  
 Dr. Seiji Iwasa Toyohashi, Dr. Seiji Iwasa Toyohashi, 
Department of Environmental and Life Sciences, Toyohashi University of Technology, 1-1 Hibarigaoka, Tempaku, Toyohashi, Aichi 441-8580, JAPAN, University of Technology, Japan
E-Mail :  iwasa@ens.tut.ac.jp, iwasaseiji@gmail.com
Phone: +81-(0)532-44-6817
Fax : +81-(0)532-48-5833
Website: http://siorgchem.ens.tut.ac.jp/
Dr. Danny K.Y.Wong, Dr. Danny K.Y.Wong, 
Department of Chemistry & Biomolecular Sciences ,Faculty of Science, Macquarie University NSW 2109 Australia
E-Mail :  danny.wong@mq.edu.au 
Phone: +61-2-9850-8300 QR Code
Fax : +61-2-9850-8313
Website: http://www.cbms.mq.edu.au/~dwong/further.htm
Prof. Dr. Domenico Spinelli, Prof. Dr. Domenico Spinelli, 
University of Bologna, Italy, Graduated cum laude in Chemistry (1955, Bari), Assistant Professor of Organic Chemistry (1956, Bari; 1962, Genova), full Professor of Organic Chemistry and of Physical Organic Chemistry (1968, Sassari; 1969, Palermo; 1974, Bologna).
E-Mail :  domenico.spinelli@unibo.it

 Dr. Mathew MuziNindi, Dr. Mathew MuziNindi, 
University of South Africa,  South Africa, Unisa Science Campus, Eureka Building, K-M-020
E-Mail : nindimm@unisa.ac.za 
Phone: 011 670 9303
Fax : 012 429 8549
Website: http://www.unisa.ac.za/default.asp?Cmd=ViewContent&ContentID=26077 
Dr. D. Giles,Dr. D. Giles, 
Acharya & B.M Reddy College of Pharmacy, Soladevanahalli, Chikkabanavara Post,, Bangalore-560090, India
E-Mail : sahayagiles@yahoo.com  
Phone: +91 94487 36917
Fax : +91 94487 36917
Dr. Irina Kuznetsova, Dr. Irina Kuznetsova, 
Russian Research Institute for Haematology and Transfusiology, Russa  
E-Mail :  i_kuznetsova@nes.ru; ik4m@virginia.ed   
 Prof. Dr.  Sultan T. Abu-Orabi AladwanProf. Dr.  Sultan T. Abu-Orabi Aladwan,  
Secretary General, Association of Arab Universities, Amman, JordanArab Universities, Jordan   
E-mail: sultan@yu.edu.jo    &   abuorabi@excite.com    
Phone:   +962 2 7271100 ext. 2790
FAX  :  +962 2 7274725
Website: http://aaru.ju.edu.jo/en/english/documents/drsultan.pdf 
 Prof. Dr. Wafaa M. Abdou Prof. Dr. Wafaa M. Abdou 
Chemical Industries Research Division,National Research Centre (NRC),  El-Tahrir St., Dokki, D-12311, Dokki, Cairo, Egypt
E-mail: wabdou@link.net    &   wfabdou@yahoo.com   
Phone:  +201001417450
FAX:    +20233370931
Department of Chemistry, Annamalai University, Annamalainagar-608 002,  Tamilnadu, India
E-mail: : thirunarayanan.g.10313@annamalaiuniversity.ac.in , drgtnarayanan@gmail.com    
Phone:  91-4144-238282; Extn: 331
FAX:    91-4144-238080
Website: http://annamalaiuniversity.ac.in/faculty_more.php?facultyid=10313&deptcode=0130 
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