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Journal of Communication Sciences and Information Technology
An International Journal

ISSN 2812-5630 (print) 
ISSN 2812-5649 (online) 


Prof. Hesham El-Badawy

Managing Editor

Dr. Osama Ibrahim

JCSIT is a scientific electronic journal of the Court of Appeal, reserved, for the purpose of publication, interest for publication.  

The goal and vision of Journal

· Promote publications and scientific studies that you are looking for in looking for looking for.

· Raising the level of published research publications by the Scientific Research Arbitration Committee.

·  Insurance of a refereed scientific journal under the name of "Communication Sciences and Information Technology".

·   The journal is a quarterly periodical in which research papers submitted by faculty members or researchers are published

The scope of the journals work

·   Information and information technology

·   The role of communications

·   The integration of communications

·   Computer Science

·   Prototypes, applied projects and middleware

·   Audio-visual information,

·   Storage, transmission, and processing of information.

·   Audio-visual networks

·   Computer networks

·   Integration of audio-visual systems,

·   Managing the broadband network.

·   Performability of communication systems

·   Information processing based on common digital technology.

·   Information technology development

·   Electromagnetic meters

·   Waves

·   Wireless communications and processing

·   Electronics and Photonics

·   Noise and electromagnetic interference

·   Wave propagation and remote sensing

·   Diffusion of the ionosphere

·   Waves in the plasma

·   Radio Astronomy

·   Electromagnetism in biology and medicine

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