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Mathematical Sciences Letters
An International Journal


Volumes > Vol. 5 > No. 3


On Characterizing Probability Distributions by Conditional Expectation of Two Order Statistics

PP: 323-328
Haseeb Athar, Zubdah-e-Noor,
The order statistics have been extensively studied in the literature to characterize some particular distributions as well as family of distributions. The problem of characterizing distributions through conditional expectation of adjacent and non-adjacent order statistics has been of increasing interest due to its several applications. Several approaches are available in literature. In this paper, two general classes of distributions F(x) = 1−e−ah(x) and F(x) = 1−[ah(x)+b]c, where h(x) is a continuous, differentiable and monotonic function of xe (a,b ) have been characterized through the conditional expectation of kth power of difference of two order statistics. Further, several deductions and particular cases are discussed.

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