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Mathematical Sciences Letters
An International Journal


Volumes > Vol. 4 > No. 2


Fuzzy Soft Semi Connected Properties in Fuzzy Soft Topological Spaces

PP: 171-179
A. Kandil, O. A. E. Tantawy, S. A. El-Sheikh, A. M. Abd El-latif,
In the present paper, we continue the study on fuzzy soft topological spaces and investigate the properties of fuzzy soft semi connected sets, fuzzy soft semi separated sets and fuzzy soft semi s-connected sets and have established several interesting properties supported by examples. Moreover, we show that a fuzzy soft semi disconnectedness property is not hereditary property in general. Finally, we show that the fuzzy irresolute surjective soft image of fuzzy soft semi connected (resp. fuzzy soft semi s-connected) is also a fuzzy soft semi s-connected. We hope that the findings in this paper will help researcher enhance and promote the further study on fuzzy soft topology to carry out a general framework for their applications in practical life.

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