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The Journal of Applied Science University
An International Journal


Volumes > Vol. 06 > No. 01


The Role of Woman in Building Family and Society in Light of the Recent Developments in the Arab Societies

PP: 191-200
Mohammed Ahmad Ali Al-Dadomani,
Woman has achieved a great social position imposed on her by the conditions of society in the modern technological developments. Accordingly, woman has a prominent role outhouse. Such role does not conflict with woman’s nature, femininity, and her main role in life represented in childbearing and raising children. This makes her live beside man, whether in or outhouse. Arab woman represents half of the society and has a great influence on family and community where they live. Woman plays a major role in the comprehensive development programs as she participates mainly and effectively in decision-making and in participation in setting legislations according to her ability, experience, and competence so that she contributes effectively and fruitfully in the development of the society, and in the field of work which allowed her to contribute effectively at all levels and in all areas that lead to development and progress in the Arab societies in our modern era.

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