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The Journal of Applied Science University
An International Journal


Volumes > Vol. 06 > No. 01


Protecting Working Women under the Advent of Artificial Intelligence Techniques

PP: 161-189
Mohammad Obaied Thouqan Alshraideh,
Our present time is witnessing a great technological revolution - the data era - through artificial intelligence programs that have come to completely replace human beings in performing several tasks on their behalf, which can result in an increase in the unemployment rate among workers, especially women. It is essential to draw the decision makers attention to this contemporary problem, and the increase in the unemployment rate that may accompany it. Therefore, the increasing trend towards using machines at the expense of human labor has a great impact on employment. Nevertheless, it may also have indirect effects on the mental and psychological health of humans. The status of working women despite the legal protection provided for them, does not put them in a better position than men, they are subject to be dismissed in light of artificial intelligence. As for children, it is difficult to predict what their future professional status will become of, but international studies indicate that reliance will be on artificial intelligence devices with a percentage that may reach at the very least to approximately 80% in 2050.

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