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The Journal of Applied Science University
An International Journal


Volumes > Vol. 06 > No. 01


Consumer Legal Protection against Commercial Fraud in the Services After-Sales in Electronic Commerce Contracts

PP: 107-124
Qais K. S. Maaitah, Noora Salman Juma Salman Alhadi,
As a result of the prevailing modern technologies and the abundance of illegal methods carried by suppliers and producers through the modern technology, and what associated the technology with of new crimes, which appear in particular in the Commercial transactions. Where the needed require to create consumer protection, whether at the national or international level, as the consumer represents the weak party in the contractual process that takes place by electronic means, and to protect against commercial fraud, which has become one of the most dangerous phenomena that can affect the economy of the individuals and the state, especially With the growth of global and local products and industry, and the spread of commodities and industries in a way that leads to competition between products at the expense of the consumer; Fraud has spread through various means and methods, especially with the role that advertising media and propaganda temptations play in luring consumers and attracting sellers to buyers in order to mislead them with their products and fraudulent goods, especially after-sales service. Where the research dealt in the first section with the concept of commercial fraud in after-sales services. On other section itís dealt with legal tools to protect consumers from commercial fraud.

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