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Mathematical Sciences Letters
An International Journal


Volumes > Vol. 11 > No. 1


Fractals- Cantor Sets in DNA

PP: 51-57
S. Pavithra, G. Jayalalitha,
The Chronicle of some recent progress to pertain the Fractals concepts in Biology and Medicine will set ones sight on. DNA Sequence is a complex biological mechanism in different Genes. The domain of DNA Mapping has been said that DNA Sequence is Homeomorphisms. The rupture of the DNA Sequence is mainly due to protein base mismatch is considered as Random Cantor Set by Fractal behavior. Complexity is the number of base pairs of unique or non-repeating nucleobases in a given segment of DNA Sequence or component of the Genome. If a few of the DNA Sequence is repeated its Length (L) will be different in the same Genes. Different lengths of Rupture DNA Sequence will give different Dimension. The Dimension of DNA Sequence of Different Genome is considered as a Random Cantor Set and it satisfies the property of statistical self-similarity of the Fractals. DNA Sequence is a Fractal. Obliging to prognosis in Various Medical fields.

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