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The Journal of Applied Science University
An International Journal


Volumes > Vol. 05 > No. 1


The Alternative Sanctions in Jordan

PP: 41-57
Ahmad Mohammad Abdalla Abu Olaim,
Recently, the amended Jordanian Penal Law imposes the alternative sanctions. This paper aims to investigate the perceptions of Jordanian lawyers on the new alternative sanctions. This paper concerns a questionnaire survey that seeks to support the legal analysis findings that have answered the research question: what are the perceptions of Jordanian lawyers on the alternative sanctions? The methodology adopted allowed the researcher to make descriptive inference that can lead to determining the weaknesses of the legal infrastructure in a specified area of law. The analysis showed that the respondents are sufficiently qualified to answer the questions based on their extensive practical experience. However, the results have shown that some aspects of the alternative sanctions favored by the participants, and some aspects deemed unsatisfactory, such as procedural difficulties. It is clear that the legislators in Jordan are facing challenges in coping with the requirements of procedural difficulties.

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