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The Journal of Applied Science University
An International Journal


Volumes > Vol. 05 > No. 1


The Right of Marriage and Form Family for Unknown Parentage in Bahraini Law

PP: 21-32
Haitham Almasarweh, Ammar Alrefaei,
Unknown parentage causes many problems in order to integrate children of unknown parents into society, perhaps among the most important of these problems is related to their exercise of their right to marry and to form a family. The principle is that they should enjoy this right just like any other individual in society, but the scientific reality indicates that there are difficulties. There are many obstacles that will cause negative psychologically, physically, socially and morally impact on the life and behavior for children of unknown parents, especially if they do not find a way to exercise this right. Therefore, this study aim to examine the possibility of creating specific mechanisms to enhance and support the children of unknown parents to practice their right to marry and form a family, especially since this has a positive impact not only on unknown parents, but also on the community. The study concluded by showing the need to find provisions and provide mechanisms and procedures that contribute to enable them to exercise this right.

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