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Mathematical Sciences Letters
An International Journal


Volumes > Vol. 9 > No. 3


Study of Variable Viscosity and Thermal Conductivity of Casson Fluid Flow over a stretching Sheet with Heat Source/Sink Effects

PP: 65-75
M Nazim Tufail, M Fahad Nadeem,
In this analysis, the impacts of variable viscosity and thermal conductivity on MHD heat transfer flow of Casson fluid are analyzed on linearly stretching sheet inserted in a porous medium with heat source / sink and viscous dissipation. Then, by using a specific form of Lie group transformations are converted into ordinary differential equations of the governing partial differential equation and Runge-Kutta fourth order strategy is used to numerically solve the differential equations. Numerical results get for various parameters by employing coding in MATLAB programming like viscosity variation A, heat source/sink parameter S, thermal conductivity ε, magnetic field parameter M, permeability parameter k_1, Prandtl number Pr, and Eckert number Ec are investigated. The impacts on velocity and temperature profile of distinct flow parameters are discussed through graphical representation and tables.

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