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Journal of Ecology of Health & Environment
An International Journal


Volumes > Vol. 8 > No.2


Horticulture Performance and Genetic Diversity Based on RAPD Marker for some Egyptian Mandarin Cultivars

PP: 1-11
Hala M. El-Khayat, Dalia G. Aseel,
Four mandarin (Citrus reticulata, Blanco) cultivars; Fremont, Murcott, Balady, and Ponkan grown in calcareous soil were evaluated for their growth, production, fruit quality and genetic characteristics during the growing seasons of 2014 and 2015. The obtained data showed that, Fremont mandarin has the highest leaf total carbohydrate and chlorophyll in the second season and leaf magnesium, while Murcott mandarin has the highest leaf nitrogen and phosphorus in the first season and leaf total carbohydrate in both seasons. In the meantime, Balady mandarin has the highest leaf phosphorus, fruit number and acidity in both seasons and fruit total soluble solid in the second season. Ponkan madarin has the highest vegetative growth (tree height, trunk circumference, canopy circumference) leaf potassium, leaf calcium, yield, fruit length, fruit diameter, fruit total soluble solid in the first season and Vc in both seasons. We analyzed the genetic diversity of four mandarin cultivars to understand their diversity and relationships within the four cultivars. Genetic analysis was conducted using data from RAPD marker, PCR, sequences of a malate dehydrogenase gene and phylogenetic Neighbor joining were conducted. The results of genetic diversity for four mandarin cultivars were used phylogenetic tree for both RAPD and specific PCR of MDH gene which showed close similarities of the three mandarin cultivars; Murcott, Balady and Ponkan in same cluster, while, another cluster was consisted only Fermont cultivar. Generally, using RAPD markers with whole genomic DNA provided the investigation the chance to match, distinguish Citrus cultivars with specific fragments or alleles and was able to assess genetic diversity among citrus cultivars. It can be suggested that the usage of RAPD markers is capable in identification fractional genome in breeding programs. Random primers can differentiate, estimate, characterize and determine genetic diversity and phylogenetic relationship (genetic similarity) among four mandarin Citrus reticulate, Blanco) cultivars, Fremont, Mucott, Balady and Ponkan.

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