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Quantum Physics Letters
An International Journal


Volumes > Vol. 8 > No. 1


On the Existence of Absolutely Maximally Entangled States of Minimal Support II

PP: 1-4
Antonio Bernal,
Absolutely maximally entangled, AME, states are pure multipartite states that give rise to the maximally mixed states when half or more of the parties are traced out. AME states find applications in fields like teleportation or quantum secret sharing, and the problem of finding conditions on their existence has been considered in a number of papers. We consider here AME states of minimal support, that are simpler to analyse. An equivalence with coding theory gives a sufficient condition for their existence, that the number of sites be equal to the local dimension plus one, when the local dimension d is a power of a prime number. In this paper, an equivalence with latin hypercubes is used to prove that the above sufficient condition fails in the first case in which the local dimension is not a prime power, d = 6. Results for other values of d are also given.

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