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Mathematical Sciences Letters
An International Journal


Volumes > Vol. 3 > No. 2


On the Spectrum of Difference Operator Δab Over the Sequence Spaces ℓp and bvp, (1 < p < )

PP: 115-120
S. Dutta, P. Baliarsingh,
The main purpose of the present paper is to determine the spectrum of the difference operator Dab over the sequence spaces ℓp and bvp, (1 < p < ). For any two sequences a = (ak) and b = (bk) of distinct, non zero real numbers and satisfying certain conditions, the difference operator Dab is defined by (Dabx)k = akxk +bk−1xk−1, where (xk) ∈ ℓp or bvp and x−1 = 0. Finally, we obtain the spectrum, point spectrum, residual spectrum and the continuous spectrum of the difference operator Dab over ℓp and bvp.

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