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International Journal of Inspiration, Resilience & Youth Economy
An International Journal


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Critical Issues Affecting Africa’s Development: EGovernment, Democracy and Democratic Principles, And Governance as an Alternative for SocioEconomic Development in Africa

PP: 41-55
Malang B.S. Bojang,
In search for answers to what is wrong and where to locate what is wrong with Africa’s development, this research attempts to explore critical governance issues affecting the development of Africa. This paper argues that the achievability of Africa’s development depends to a larger extend on its political development. Therefore, the purpose of this research is to critically explore and evaluate Africa’s developmental challenges such as bribery and corruption, bad governance, weak political institutions, and undemocratic values. These huddles are serious, real and many but could be meet through improvement and strengthening of governance and democracy. The importance of this research cannot be over emphasized as the result could be beneficial to both policy makers and scholars alike as to ascertain the problems and policy recommendations to avert the evils that befell on the continent. A total of 150 questionnaires was drawn where respondent (bureaucrats, masters and PhD students in related fields) were asked on Africa’s development challenges. The finding shows that Africa’s main development challenges were not only corruption, governance, and leadership, but weak institutions to uphold political accountability. Some African countries did well with regards to governance and combating corruption, however a major institutional reform is needed to achieve sustainable development.

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