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Journal of Ecology of Health & Environment
An International Journal


Volumes > Vol. 5 > No. 1


Survey of the Most Common Insect Species on Some Foraging Crops of Honeybees in Dakhla Oasis, New Valley Governorate, Egypt

PP: 35-40
Mahmoud S. O. Mabrouk, Mohamed Abdel - Moez Mahbob,
When studying the presence of beneficial insects and harmful on each alfalfa, Egyptian clover and faba been fields at the New Valley Governorate, Egypt, it turned out to include 46 species belonging to 33 family that follow 9 orders divided in to three groups (pests natural enemies pollinators). The study result also showed that the largest number of species of insects recorded on the crop fields under study belong to the order Hymenoptera where 19 species belonging 12 families. On the other hand, a total of pollinators has ranked first in the number of insect species that have been counted during the experimental crops in this study, and the main pollinators of those crops in Dakhla Oasis, New Valley Governorate, were honeybees.

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