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Mathematical Sciences Letters
An International Journal


Volumes > Vol. 7 > No. 1


The Improvement of Routing Operation Based on Learning Automata Using Local and National Smart Factors with the Help of the Ant Colony Algorithm

PP: 61-69
Faramarz Karamizadeh, Hamid Parvin, Ahad Zolfagharifar,
The subject of routing in computer networks has got a considerable place in recent years. The reason of that is the determining role of routing in the efficiency of these networks. Service quality and security are considered as the most important challenges of routing due to the lack of reliable methods. Routers use routing algorithms for finding the best path to destination. When we speak about the best rout, we consider parameters such as the number of hops, changing time and the cost of communicational costs of sending packets. Using smart factors locally and nationally, in this thesis it has been tried to improve routing operations. The ant colony algorithm is a multifactor solution for optimization issues which has some models based on collective intelligence of ants and has been applicable by converting to an efficient technology in computer networks. Although the ant is a simple creature, but a colony of ants can do useful tasks such as finding the shortest route toward food and sharing this information with other ants through leaving a chemical material named Pheromone. This algorithm includes three stages. The first phase is clustering network nods to smaller colonies, this phase is accomplished using learning automata in accordance with network need; for example placing the nods which will have more interaction in a cluster in future. Second phase is finding the routes of network by ants; and the third phase is sending network traffic to destination through the found routs by ants.

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