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Mathematical Sciences Letters
An International Journal


Volumes > Vol. 5 > No. 2


Some Properties of Steenrod Squares on Digital Images

PP: 107-120
Emel Unver Demir, Ismet Karaca,
We first present i-regularity of two ordered pair of digital simplices, and give the definition of cup-i product over digital images by using regularity notion. We study some formulas that can be taken as the basis of inductive definition of cup-i product. We define the Steenrod square operations over ordered digital images inspired by analogue in algebraic topology, and then we show that this operation is independent of the ordering on digital images. We study some basic properties of the squarring operations on digital images such as Sq0 being the identity homomorphism, Sq1 being the Bockstein homomorphism, Cartan formula, and Adem relations.

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