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Journal of Public Relations Research Middle East
ISSN 2314-8721 Print
ISSN 2314-873X Online 
Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Aly Agwa

Professor of Public Relations & former Dean of Faculty of Mass Communication Cairo University, Chair of the Scientific Committee of EPRA

Frequency: 4 issues annually 

Journal of Public Relations Research Middle East is a scientific journal that publishes specialized research papers in Public Relations, Mass Media and Communication ,after peer refereeing these papers by a number of Professors specialized in the same field under a scientific supervision of the Egyptian Public Relations Association, which considered the first Egyptian scientific association specialized in public relations, (Member of the network of scientific Associations in the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology in Cairo).

The Journal is part of Al-Arabia Public Relations Agencys publications, specialized in education, scientific consultancy and training.
- The Journal is approved by the Supreme Council for Media Regulation in Egypt. It has an international numbering and a deposit number. It is classified internationally for its both printed and electronic versions by the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology in Cairo. In addition, it is classified by the Scientific Promotions Committee in the field of Media of the Supreme Council of Universities in Egypt.
- It is the first arbitrative scientific journal with this field of specialization on the Arab world and the Middle East. Also, the first Arab scientific journal in the specialty of (media) which obtained the Arab Impact Factor with a factor of 1.48 = 100% in the year of 2018G report of the American Foundation NSP "Natural Sciences Publishing" Sponsored by the Arab Universities Union.
- This journal is published quarterly.
- The journal accepts publishing books, conferences, workshops and scientific Arab and international events.
- The journal publishes advertisements on scientific search engines, Arabic and foreign publishing houses according to the special conditions adhered to by the advertiser.
- It also publishes special research papers of the scientific promotion and for researchers who are about to defend master and Doctoral theses.
- The publication of academic theses that have been discussed, scientific books specialized in public relations and media and teaching staff members specializedscientific essays.


Publishing rules:

- It should be an original Manuscripts that has never been published.
- Arabic, English, French Manuscripts are accepted however a one page abstract in English should be submitted if the Manuscripts is written in Arabic.
- The submitted Manuscripts should be in the fields of public relations and integrated marketing communications.
- The submitted scientific Manuscripts are subject to refereeing unless they have been evaluated by scientific committees and boards at recognized authorities or they were part of an accepted academic thesis. - The correct scientific bases of writing scientific research should be considered. It should be typed, in Simplified Arabic, 14 points font for the main text. The main and sub titles, in Bold letters. English Manuscripts should be written in Times New Roman.
- References are mentioned at the end of the Manuscripts in a sequential manner.
- References are monitored at the end of research, according to the methodology of scientific sequential manner and in accordance with the reference signal to the board in a way that APA Search of America.
- The author should present a printed copy and an electronic copy of his manuscript on a CD written in Word format with his/her CV.
- In case of accepting the publication of the manuscript in the journal, the author will be informed officially by a letter. But in case of refusing, the author will be informed officially by a letter and part of the research publication fees will be sent back to him soon.
- If the manuscript required simple modifications, the author should resent the manuscript with the new modifications during one week after the receipt the modification notes, and if the author is late, the manuscript will be delayed to the upcoming issue, but if there are thorough modifications in the manuscript, the author should send them after 15 days.
- The publication fees of the manuscript for the Egyptians are: 2000 L.E. and for the Expatriate Egyptians and the Foreigners are: 500 $.with 50% discount for Masters and PhD Students.
- If the referring committee refused and approved the disqualification of publishing the manuscript, an amount of 1000 L.E. will be reimbursed for the Egyptian authors and 250 $ for the Expatriate Egyptians and the Foreigners.
- The manuscript does not exceed 35 pages of A4 size. 20 L.E. will be paid for an extra page
for the Egyptians and 5 $ for Expatriate Egyptians and the Foreigners authors.
- A special 10 % discount of the publication fees will be offered to the Egyptians and the
Foreign members of the Fellowship of the Egyptian Public Relations Association for any number of times during the year.
- Three copies of the journal and three Extracted pieces from the authors manuscript after the publication.
- The fees of publishing the scientific abstract of (Masters Degree) are: 250 L.E. for the Egyptians and 150 $ for the Foreigners.
- The fees of publishing the scientific abstract of (Doctorate Degree) are: 350 L.E. for the Egyptians and 180 $ for the Foreigners. As the abstract do not exceed 8 pages and a 10 % discount is offered to the members of the Egyptian Society of Public Relations. Three copies of the journal will be sent to the authors address.
- Publishing a book offer costs LE 700 for the Egyptians and 300 $US for foreigners.
- Three copies of the journal are sent to the author of the book after the publication to his/her address. And a 10% discount is offered to the members of the Egyptian Society of Public Relations.
- For publishing offers of workshops organization and seminars, inside Egypt LE 600 and outside Egypt U.S. $ 350 without a limit to the number of pages.
- The fees of the presentation of the International Conferences inside Egypt: 850 L.E. and outside Egypt: 450 $ without a limitation of the number of pages.
- All the research results and opinions express the opinions of the authors of the presented research papers not the opinions of the Al Arabia Public Relations Agency or the Egyptian Public Relations Association.
- Submissions will be sent to the chairman of the Journal.
Al Arabia Public Relations Agency,
Arab Republic of Egypt, Menofia, Shiben El-Kom, Al Amin St. from Sabry Abo Alam St. 

Postal Code: 32111 - P.O Box: 66

And also to the Journal email: jprr@epra.org.eg, or ceo@apr.agency, after paying the publishing fees and sending a copy of the receipt.


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