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An International Journal
Call for Papers

HexaTech Call for Papers [PDF]



No Page Charges - High Quality research - Continuous Publishing


Forthcoming Issue: July 2018 (Volume 01 - Issue 07)

Last Date of Submission: No Deadlines

Date of Publication: Daily starting 1st July 2018



A Peer Reviewed Refereed Continuous International Journal


We are pleased to inform you that HexaTech is going to launch its first issue (Volume 01, Issue 07). We would like to invite you to contribute your Research Paper for publication in HexaTech. Papers published in HexaTech will receive very high publicity and acquire very high reputation. We publish original research and review articles. The journal reviews papers within one week of submission and publishes accepted articles on the internet immediately upon receiving the final versions. Our fast reviewing process is our strength.

Continuous Publication (ready, set, cite…)

The present dynamics, expanded journals market, vast flux of papers, and fast growing technology necessitate to speed up the publication process. Rather than publishing traditional complete online issues at fixed intervals, HexaTech follows the publishing trend of the digital age and adopted more modern way of publishing an online journal. It is the article-by-article publishing model known as continuous publication. The continuous publication is an innovative paper publishing initiative that articles can be published online in their final form, with their final citation details, as soon as they have been copyedited, typeset and proofread. The main objective of the continuous publication of papers is to accelerate communication of research work, thus contributing to make it available faster for reading and citation.

Features & Benefits of HexaTech

§   HexaTech will publish the final, edited, composed papers every day, instead of waiting to release the final content on only one day each interval.

§   Accelerate communication of research work.

§   Make articles available faster for reading and citation.

§   Strict and fast reviewing process (one week)

§   Fast & Easy paper publishing process (ready, set, cite…)

§   HexaTech employs citation identifiers CIDs to identify articles in the issue.

§   HexaTech provides individual “Digitally Signed E-Certificate” to all Authors.

§   Editorial Board from 20 + Country

§   There are No Page Charges for publishing in HexaTech


All submitted papers will be subjected to a strict review process. Authors are reminded to follow the formatting requirement of the paper. Please refer to HexaTech Paper template for formatting requirements.

HexaTech welcomes topics in business sustainability/technology management, but are not limited to, the following:

Accounting and financial Information management systems

Sustainability Development

Customer Relationship Management

Enterprise Resource Planning

Technology Management

Human resource Management Systems

Inventory, Logistics, production Management & Innovation

Sales and procurement Management and Innovation

Sustainable Business

Triple Bottom Line

Supply Chain Management

Sustainable CRM, ERP, SCM, Transport

Triple Bottom Line

Manufacturing Technology

Authors are required to submit the full paper (Word or Latex) format to the drmohdobeidat@bus.illinois.edu HexaTech@naturalspublushing.com HexaTech website http://www.naturalspublishing.com/show.asp?JorID=60&pgid=0


HexaTech Promising Quality Publication. Our Strength lies in the Continuous Publication Model and Fast Reviewing Process


Warm Regards, Editor in Chief


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