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P-ISSN:  2636-395X
E-ISSN:  2636-3968

Editor-in-Chief: M. A. Obeidat
E-mail: drmohdobeidat@bus.illinois.edu  


HexaTech is a global emerging academic journal dedicated to the study of the growing role of technology in business sustainability. It aims to provide refereed and authoritative source of information in multidisciplinary fields of sustainability management. The objective of HexaTech is to make a profound contribution to theory development and practice of technology management in the Hexa functions of a typical company: Research and development, purchase, production, marketing and sales, human resource, accounting and finance to shape the sustainable decisions of an organization. The ultimate goal of HexaTech is to aid scholars and executives meet the triple bottom line sustainability of an organization: Social, economical and environmental that would minimize the negative impact on the Hexa aspects of global sustainability: Climate, Air, forest, water, biodiversity and soil. HexaTech provides a forum to policy makers, technology executives, managerial executives, scientist and researchers to share their ideas and research in the field of business sustainability. Global dimension is emphasized to promote greater knowledge exchange between researchers of different cultural and national backgrounds, thus enriching the knowledge in the field of business sustainability.

Continuous Publication  (Ready, set, cite…)

The present dynamics, expanded journals market, vast flux of papers, and fast growing technology necessitate to speed up the publication process. Rather than publishing traditional complete online issues at fixed intervals, HexaTech follows the publishing trend of the digital age and adopted more modern way of publishing an online journal. It is the article-by-article publishing model known as continuous publication. The continuous publication is an innovative paper publishing initiative that articles can be published online in their final form, with their final citation details, as soon as they have been copyedited, typeset and proofread. The main objective of the continuous publication of papers is to accelerate communication of research work, thus contributing to make it available faster for reading and citation.

Under the continuous publication model, HexaTech will publish the final, edited, composed papers every day, instead of waiting to release the final content on only one day each interval. On the first day of each month, a new issue is opened. After that date, any articles that are ready to publish will begin to appear online in real time, and that process will continue throughout the month. The issue closes on the last day of the month, and any articles published between those dates will make up the issue. The process will then start anew on the first day of the next month, with a new open issue ready for final content to be posted online.

Citation Identifier

As part of continuous publication, HexaTech will not use page numbers for its published articles. Instead, the journal will employ Citation Identifiers (CIDs) to identify articles in an issue. The CID is a six-digit number composed of three different parts (IISSNN), where:

II = Issue number, always two digits (01, 02, 03,…,12).

SS = Section number, which corresponds to the article type.

NN = Sequential number, starting with (01) for each new section in each new issue. 

For example, in the CID (067012) 

06 = Issue #6, or the June issue

70 = Research paper

12 = Twelve Research paper published in this issue 

Section numbers have been mapped to the actual order of headings in an issue, so CIDs will always appear in numerical order on the Table of Contents. The full map of section numbers appears in the CID Section Numbers part of this guide. 

The CID applies to all versions of the published article (HTML and PDF). In the PDF, you will find page identifiers appended to the end of the CID on each page to aid in the reading experience. For example, 067012-1 on the first page, 067012-2 on the second page,…etc. 

When citing an article in HexaTech that has been published with a CID, simply set the CID where the page range would have gone previously. Do not include the page identifiers from the PDF when citing the article; use only the six-digit CID. The DOI should also be included. For example:

Obeidat M. 2015. Title of the Article. HexaTech. 01(06):067012. https://doi.org/HexaTechXX

CID Section Numbers

Section No.

Article Type

Section No.

Article Type

Section No.

Article Type




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In Memoriam


Brief Communications










Spheres of Influence





HexaTech welcomes topics in business sustainability/technology management, but are not limited to, the following: 


Accounting Information systems

Production Management and Innovation

Content Management

Purchase Management and Innovation

Customer Relationship Management

Research and development Innovation

Enterprise Resource Planning

Sales Management and Innovation

Financial Information Management

Supply Chain Management

Human resource Management Systems

Sustainability Development

Inventory Management Systems

Sustainable Business

Logistics Management and Innovation

Sustainable CRM, ERP, SCM

Manufacturing Technology

Sustainable Tourism, Transport

Marketing  Management and Innovation

Technology Management

Operations Automation

Transportation Innovation

Procurement Management

Triple Bottom Line

 There are No Page Charges for publishing in HexaTech

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