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Technology Trade Theory ( TripleT )
An International Journal
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Technology Trade Theory

Technology Trade Theory (TripleT) is an emerging academic journal dedicated to the study of the growing role of emerging technology in the sustainability of Things (SoT). It aims to provide refereed and authoritative source of information in the field of technology management.

The objectives ofTripleT are to develop, promote, and integrate the science and practice of technology management into multidisciplinary fields. Its ultimate goal is to make a profound contribution to theory development and practice of  sustainability of things (SoT) i.e. sustainable development, environment, climate, transportation, communication and business.TripleT provides a  forum to policy makers, technology executives, managerial executives, scientist and researchers to share their ideas and research in the field of technology management. The global dimension is emphasized to promote greater exchange between researchers of different cultures and backgrounds to enhance use of technology in different industries and overcome the barriers to the global sustainability and technological advancement.

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