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05- Applied and Computational Mathematics
An International Journal
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ISSN: 1683-3511 (print version) 


Editors in-Chief 

Abbasov, Ali (Baku, Azerbaijan) 
Aliev, Fikret (Baku, Azerbaijan) 
Larin, Vladimir (Kiev, Ukraine) 

Managing Editor : Gasimov, Yusif (Baku, Azerbaijan) 

Indexed in ISI   

Officialy cited as: Appl. Comput. Math. 
Impact Factor: 3.16 (2019)*                                            
5-year Impact Factor: 1.113
* Journal Citation Reports ®, Clarivate Analytics

Applied  and  Computational  Mathematics  an International  Journal  was founded in 2002 by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (Azerbaijan), Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences and Institute of Applied Mathematics of Baku State University. This is a three-annual Journal that publishes high-quality peer-reviewed research papers on the board ranges of applied and computational mathematics.

Production and Hosting by Natural Sciences Publishing on behalf of Institute of Applied Mathematics of Baku State University. Peer Review under the responsibility of  Institute of Applied Mathematics of Baku State University 

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