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Sohag Journal of Sciences
An International Journal



RO Membranes Scaling and Fouling Analysis: WMZM Plant - Case Study

Moath Mohammad Jarrah, Kamel Qaisi,
Abstract :
The study identified the membrane fouling of a three stage RO process - of the Wadi Main Zara Mujeb desalination plant (WMZM) facing fouling problems. Three membrane represented all stages were autopsied for the case that showed a decline of the performance of the RO system. Results showed that the foulant on the membranes surface is mainly composed of silica, aluminosilicates in addition to a smaller amount of iron and calcium compounds (calcium carbonate) and in a different degree according to membrane position in plant. Specific cleaning protocols tested including the use of warm water, Genesol 40 founded as the most suitable alkaline cleaner. The cleaning protocol was tested on GA071218 and GA071219 who witnessed considerable performance drop during operation. The result showed the improvement in normalization flow reached a (4.6 %) above of the Design nominal value for GA071218 and raised from 18.86L/m2/h to 42.07L/m2 for GA071219 which is close to the nominal design value (6.6% below the nominal value).

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