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International Journal of Learning Management Systems
An International Journal


Volumes > Vol. 3 > No. 2


The Relationship between Positive Confrontation and Healthy Lifestyle among the Employees University

PP: 203-221
Sanaa Mejuel Faissel, Ali Abdulraheem Saleh,
The process of psychological confrontation in work considers as the necessarily requirements for the efficient employee. The employees doing and achievement is conditioned by what he/she has of positive thought, psychological flexibility and controlling over negative emotions in the work. In spite of that, the employees psychological ability depends on his/ her physical health and healthy practices in life. The un healthy way in life may be considered as a threat to the employees psychological and physical health and his/her ability to cope with the conditions of work. And he/ she may lose his/her health and doing the work in badly way. The study aim at identifying the relation between positive confrontation and the healthy way of life among the employees university. The sample consists of (200) female-male employees, they are chosen according to random style with equal distribution. In order to measure this aim, the standard of positive confrontation has established, which consists of 32 items, and the standard of healthy life style which consists of 26 items. The two researchers find out that the conditions of analyzing the items, validity and immutability. The immutability of positive confrontation reached by the methods of split-half (0.92) and in the method of Internal consistency (0.74). While the standard of healthy life style in the method of split-half (0.93), and in the Internal consistency (0.85). The results of the study refers that the employees university have ability to face positively the psychological and work pressure, and they have good healthy life style and protect themselves from diseases, as well as a positive relation between positive confrontation and the healthy life style. It appeared that the employees in the age of twenty have a positive highly confrontation in comparing with the old ages. And one of the results shows that the employees university have a healthy style of life in protecting their life from diseases of both genders. The study also finds out that the healthy style of life is gradually decreasing when the employees university grow up. And there is a positive relation between the positive confrontation and the healthy style of life, which becomes 0.45.

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