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01-Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 6 > No. 6-3S


Long-Term Safety Monitoring System Design and Risk Control for Submarine Tunnel

PP: 893-900
Junfu Lu, Yuchuan Shi, Mingnian Wang,
The research on the long-term safety monitoring system of major projects has increasingly drawn the attention of project researchers and scientific researchers. It is of great significance to the research on long-term stress condition of project structure, disaster prewarning and preventing, and disaster risk management. Xiangan Submarine Tunnel in Xiamen, the first submarine tunnel in China, tunnels through complex stratum conditions. Landslide, water inrush, mud burst and other geologic hazards can easily occur during the period of tunnel construction and operation. Long-time safety monitoring of the tunnel structure must be done in order to get the mechanical property and deformation characteristics of the tunnel structure in the operation period in real time, to make instant and accurate evaluation of the structure safety and to avoid the happening of geologic hazards. Based on the long-term monitoring research on submarine tunnel with Xiang’an Submarine Tunnel being the subject, this dissertation establishes a long-term monitoring system of submarine tunnel, and insists that long-term monitoring system comprises monitoring project setup, measuring points placement, sensor system constituents and type selection, data acquiring device selection and automation monitoring system networking. The establishment of long-term monitoring safety management standards of submarine tunnel includes the secondary-lining displacement management standard for submarine tunnel, the stress management standard for the secondary lining, hydraulic pressure management standard, reinforced steel corrosion monitoring management standard, and earthquake acceleration management standard. This reserach also tries to develop the long-term monitoring system software for submarine tunnel, implement the long-term monitoring data acquisition in real time, data analysis, structure safety decision and prewarning for submarine tunnel. It is expected that the research findings in this study can provide reference for the long-term monitoring, disaster prewarning and risk management of submarine tunnel which is under construction or to be constructed home and abroad.

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