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01-Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 9 > No. 5


New Reversible Data Hiding Scheme for Encrypted Images using Lattices

PP: 2627-2636
Young-Sik Kim, Kyungjun Kang, Dae-Woon Lim,
Reversible data hiding is a technique to hide arbitrary data, without influencing the original images. In 2011, Zhang proposed a reversible data hiding scheme for encrypted images, by using a spatial correlation of the decrypted original image. Later, Hong et al. proposed an improved scheme by using side-match techniques, and modifying the correlation calculation function. In this paper, we propose an improved reversible data hiding scheme for encrypted images with lower bit error rates with the same PSNR (Peak Signalto- Noise Ratio), by introducing a lattice pattern to confine pixels to be used for embedding, and modifying the correlation calculation function, which extracts more information from neighbor pixels. In the proposed scheme, it is possible to hide more data, because the error probability becomes zero for smaller block sizes, than with previous schemes.

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