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01-Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 6 > No. 6-3S


An Iteration Algorithm based on Mixed FEM and DEM for Safety Factor of Slope Stability with Determined Sliding Surface

PP: 721-725
Xiaoqing Liu, Tongchun Li, Lanhao Zhao, Jigang Hu,
An iteration algorithm based on mixed FEM and DEM is proposed for safety factor of slope stability with determined sliding surface. In this method, the system of forces acting on the block is divided into two parts: external forces and contact forces. The displacements of block are chosen as the basic variables and the nodal contact forces on possible sliding surface and rigid motions for possibly moving blocks are chosen as iteration variables. The relation between displacements of contactor and contact forces on possible contact regions is solved by general finite element method while the rigid motions are fixed, The contact forces and rigid motions for possibly moving blocks are solved through equations of global force equilibrium for each possibly moving block and contact equations which are modified according to contact conditions (such as opening, bonding and sliding). Thus the iterative procedure becomes easily to be carried out and is much more economical for this kind of local nonlinear problems. The iteration algorithm based on the limit equilibrium on sliding surface is used to determine the safety factor for evaluating the slope stability. The safety factor for typical slope stability is analyzed by the algorithm presented in this paper.

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