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International Journal of Nanomaterials and Chemistry
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 1 > No. 1


Redox-Induced Solid-Solid Phase Transformation of TCNQ Microcrystals into Semiconducting Ba[TCNQ]2 Microstructures.

PP: 31-37
S. I. Al-Saeedi, K. A. Al-Farhan, A. Nafady,
Microstructures of semiconducting Ba[TCNQ]2 have been synthesized via redox-based TCNQ/Ba[TCNQ]2 solid-solid phase transformation that takes place via one-electron reduction of solid TCNQ microcrystals, attached to an electrode surface, in the presence of an aqueous Ba2+(aq) electrolyte solution. Voltammetric monitoring of the transformation process revealed that it is highly dependent on scan rate and Ba2+(aq) electrolyte concentration and occurs via a rate-determining nucleation/growth process. This process involves ingress of Ba2+(aq) cations into TCNQ•- crystal lattice at the triple phase TCNQ/TCNQ•-(s)│GC(s)│Ba2+(aq) electrolyte junction. SEM characterization of the morphology of the generated Ba[TCNQ]2 material showed the formation of microstructural sheets.

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