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Journal of Statistics Applications & Probability Letters
An International Journal


Volumes > Vol. 2 > No. 3


Characterization, Reliability and Information measures of Even-Power Weighted Generalized Gamma Distribution

PP: 247-262
J. A. Reshi, A. Ahmed,
The Weighted distributions arise when the observations generated from a stochastic process are not given equal chance of being recorded; instead they are recorded according to some weighted function. Since the widely using of the weighted distribution in many fields of real life such various areas including medicine, ecology, reliability, and so on , then we try to shed light and record our contribution in this field thru the research. In this paper, a new class of an Even Power Weighted Generalized Gamma Distribution is introduced. An Even-Power Weighted Generalized Gamma distribution is obtained by taking the weights as the variate values have been defined. The important statistical properties including hazard functions, reverse hazard functions, measures of central tendency and dispersion, moment generating function, characteristic function, Shannon’s entropy and Fisher’s information matrix of a new model has been derived and studied. Here, we also study EPWGG entropy estimation,Akaike and Bayesian information criterion. A likelihood ratio test for an Even Power Weighted Generalized Gamma Distribution is conducted. A simulation study has been done by using Rsoftware.

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