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International Journal of Learning Management Systems
An International Journal


Volumes > Vol. 3 > No. 2


The Common Ideological Identity Statuses among Students from Grade (8-11) in Muscat: Qualitative Study

PP: 155-170
Basma Salim Al-Balushi, Abdulqawi Salem Alzubaidi, Ali Mahdi Kazem, Sahar El-Shourbagi,
This study aimed at discovering the common state of the ideological identity statuses of Grade (8-11) students. Also, it aimed at identifying the difference among the ideological identity statuses such as achievement, moratorium, foreclosure and diffusion according to the variable of the gender. To achieve the aims of this study, qualitative methodology was used. Four Focus Groups Interview consisting of 35 each were investigated. The study showed interesting results about ideological identity statuses. Firstly, the state of moratorium identity was common among the students of grade (8-11) in basic and post basic schools in Muscat Governorate in all four areas (religious, occupational, political, life style). This may turn the case over time to the state of achievement identity, if appropriate opportunities for exploration and research in the society are available. However, a collective foreclosure identity may be adopted among students due to family, values, social and cultural principles according to the area of cases of the ideological that identified. Secondly, the state moratorium identity of grade (8-11), was not internal, but it depended on the available uncorrelated situational chances. Thirdly, no statistical differences in ideological identity statuses according to gender variable were seen.

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