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01-Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 9 > No. 2L


An Optimization-based Routing Forwarding Algorithm in ICN

PP: 671-680
Song Guo, Muqing Wu, Qian Hu,
In dynamic routing construction of ICN, traditional CCN routing mechanism can improve the diversity and reliability of data forwarding. But it also brings problems in retrieval redundancy, taking some load to the network. SoCCeR strategy uses ant colony algorithm to finish single-path routing of CCN in distribution, while it has defects in ant agency control and convergence feature. Therefore, based on rapid routing this paper proposes a service nodes selecting algorithm with optimized ACO algorithm. The algorithm integrates path time-delay and load of service node into optimized selecting algorithm of routers, which makes full used of the visiting feature of users to improve visiting quality and reduce request loss efficiency. In our method, the probabilistic state forwarding rules are modified and adaptive pheromone updating formulas are introduced, to prevent ant agency to fall into search stagnation, due to abnormal accumulation of pheromone density in current optimal path. So the routing algorithm is more responsive to the dynamic changes of network topology.

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