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01-Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 9 > No. 2L


Dynamic Virtual Prototyping Modeling and Simulation of Special Vehicle

PP: 627-636
Guang Liu, Bin Xu, Jidong Yang, Tiesheng Zheng,
Taking Special Vehicle as an example, the research is made on dynamic virtual prototyping modeling and simulation of complex mechanical, electrical and hydraulic integrated system. Based on hydro-pneumatic spring model, ”magic formula” tire model, road spectrum model, flexible body model of key components, and vehicle control-hydraulic model, a mechanical, electrical and hydraulic coupling dynamic virtual prototyping model of Special Vehicle is built capitalizing on dynamic simulation analytical software ADAMS and control system simulation analytical softwareMATLAB/Simulink, and the virtual prototyping model is validated and verified by the physical test data. On the basis of the built prototyping model, the virtual tests are carried out in various typical working conditions, which include vehicle driving stability, vehicle unfolding and folding stability, etc. The complete data are obtained from virtual tests and the performance indexes achievability and adaptability to the environment of Special Vehicle are evaluated. The correlation of the main design parameters and the performance indexes is established, which provides basic technical support for optimizing its overall design parameters. The research results have important significance for the simulation and optimization of complicated mechanical, electrical and hydraulic integrated system.

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