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Journal of Statistics Applications & Probability Letters
An International Journal


Volumes > Vol. 2 > No. 1


An Efficient Family of Synthetic Estimators for Small Areas and its Applications

PP: 59-69
V. K. Singh, S. K. Seth,
In making estimates for small areas with adequate level of precision, it is often necessary to use “indirect estimators” that “borrow strength” by using the values of the variable of interest from related areas, comparatively bigger in size and/or time periods and thus, by increasing the effective sample size. If a reliable direct estimator for a large area, covering several small areas, is used to derive an indirect estimator for a small area, then such an estimator is called a “synthetic estimator”. The synthetic estimators as compared to other methods of estimation, are largely used in small area estimation problems due to its simplicity and applicability to general sampling design and potential to increase accuracy in estimation. This paper is devoted to the development of a class of synthetic estimators for population mean of small area which exhibits some nice properties and includes some well-known synthetic estimators. The class utilizes information on an auxiliary characteristic. It has been demonstrated with the help of empirical data that the suggested class performs better than other synthetic estimators of similar kind.

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