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01-Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 9 > No. 1L


Numerical Study of Nonlinear Micro Circular Plate Analysis using Hybird Method (H.M.)

PP: 245-250
Chin-Chia Liu, Jui-Ho Li, Ming-Chu Hsieh,
Micro-electro-mechanical systems is that the size of component or the movement range is within micro grade, also called the Micromechanical or Microsystems. It is a cross-curricular research field, covering topics such as physics, optics, mechanics, electricity, biology and chemistry. The micro fluid system is an important branch of micro-electro-mechanical systems, it can be widely applied to fields such as medical, chemical analysis and lubricating, etc.. Themicro pump is the actuating component of themicro fluid system. The analytical modeling of the micro circular plate devices by electrostatic is problematic due to the complexity of the interactions between the electrostatic coupling effect, residual stress and the nonlinear electrostatic force. Therefore, the dynamic behavior of the micro circular plates is not easily analyzed using traditional analytic methods. Accordingly, this study develops an efficient computational scheme in which the nonlinear governing equation of the coupled electrostatic force acting, residual stress and hydrostatic pressure acting on the micro circular plates system is solved using a hybrid method (H.M.) which differential transformation with finite difference approximation method. In addition, this study shows the dynamic behavior of the micro circular plates by a DC actuating load.

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