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01-Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 9 > No. 1L


Grid-Connection Single-Stage Photovoltaic Inverter System with Double-Linear-Approximation MPPT

PP: 205-211
Chih-Lung Shen, Jye-Chau Su,
In this paper, a grid-connection single-stage PV inverter system is presented, which can deal with solar energy and performs power conditioning. To draw maximum power from PV arrays, double-linear approximation (DLA) algorithm is presented to achieve maximum-power-point tracking (MPPT) for PV arrays. The DLA is based on that the trajectories of maximum power point vary with irradiation and temperature linearly.With the DLA, the inverter system can determine maximum power point instantaneously and then, calculates current command easily. Thus, complicated calculation and perturbation about an optimal point can be avoided. In this paper a corresponding circuit to realize DLA is carried out as well, of which configuration is simple. As a result, the proposed circuit is cost-effective and can be embedded into inverter system easily. From simulated and experimental results, the proposed DLA algorithm has been verified and the feasibility of the PV inverter system is also demonstrated.

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