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01-Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 9 > No. 1L


A Hybrid Artificial Intelligence Algorithm for Discrete Optimal Power Flow

PP: 197-204
Cong-Hui Huang,
This paper proposes a hybrid immune and simulated annealing algorithm (HISA) to solve equivalent current injection based optimal power flow problem with both continuous and discrete control variables, which is known as discrete optimal power flow (DOPF). Continuous and discrete variables are processed using different techniques; continuous variables (unit active power outputs and generator-bus voltage magnitudes) are solved by current-based OPF, and discrete variable (transformer-tap settings and shunt capacitor devices) using HISA. Computational results indicate that HISA incorporates unique features that include a novel diversity and affinity calculation method, and a redefined crossover and mutation scheme. As a result, HISA performs better in terms of robustness and efficiency in non-convex OPF problems.

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