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01-Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 9 > No. 1L


P-Channel Gd2O3 Trapping Layer for SONOS-Type Flash Memory

PP: 141-147
Yu-Hsien Lin, Hsin-Chiang You, Jhih-Yong Hsu, Jyun-Han Li,
This paper proposes and demonstrates a p-channel SONOS-type memory based on a high-κ dielectric material gadolinium oxide (Gd2O3) trapping layer. In the proposed design, we used band-to-band hot electron injection for programming, and channel hot- hole injection for erasing through a highly efficient charge storage device operation. The proposed design has a total memory window of 11V, 10-year Vt retention window with approximately 9% charge loss, and sufficient memory window for 104 programming/erasing cycles of endurance. The proposed p-channel SONOS-type Gd2O3 trapping layer flash memory exhibits large memory windows, high program/erase speed, excellent endurance, and optimal disturbance characteristics.

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