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01-Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 9 > No. 1


A Multi-Agent Computing Approach for Power System Production Simulation

PP: 425-431
Duan Wei, Hu Zhaoguang, Yao Mingtao, Zhou Yuhui,
Along with the development of smart grid, demand response becomes the key character of it. Traditional method is unable to simulate the effect of the demand response to the power system operation. Intelligent engineering theory provides us a useful tool to address such difficulty. Based on the intelligent engineering, kinds of demand response resource are integrated and treated as efficiency power plant (EPP), an power system production simulation method with the multi agent computing approach is presented to simulate the EPP, among which generation agent (GA), efficiency power plant (EPPA),as well as the coordination agent(CA) is established. CA make the generation scheduling according to the bidding price of the power plant aiming to balance the power demand and supply, GA and EPPA adjust its bidding strategies on the basis of clear price and the profits received. Comparison with equivalent energy function and sequence operation method, as well as analysis and calculation of the reliability indicator of EPP has been carried out based on the IEEE RTS 79 system demonstrate the validity of the proposed approach.

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